KTG Fashion House is a Contemporary High-End lifestyle brand, for women and

men selling collections both domestic and internationally.

KTG Fashion House designs have a relaxed sense of elegance, lightweight garments

that are able to be layered throughout the day.

The Women's Collection is, simple and to the point: Dresses, Tops and Tunics.

The Menswear follows the same order of simplicity with Signature Tee Shirts,

Elongated Tunics and Long Sleeve Shirts.

Both collections utilize, synthetic blends, cotton, fine jersey blends and select knits. KTG

remains consistent by refusing to incorporate zippers, buttons, hook and eye nor any

other western fastening methods. Encouraging a timeless, comforting fit for many body

types. In particular addressing the daily challenges women face with body comfort.

These methods are employed with the use of fabric knowledge, mathematics and

architectural precision.